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Welcome to, your comprehensive resource for all your vehicle registration-related information. The guide we provide is completely FREE OF CHARGE. You can also find available related information in other official sites or local offices. You can download for for free our comprehensive guide and resources, which contains vital information in order to perform any DMV service.

West Virginia

How to Replace Car Registration in West Virginia

You must replace a lost car registration in West Virginia whenever your original registration card is no longer in your possession. 

If you fail to replace your DMV credential after it goes missing, you may receive a traffic citation if you cannot present proof of your vehicle’s registration.  

Moreover, you must purchase replacement DMV credentials if your original registration card, license plate or validation decals get damaged and become unreadable. 

In most cases, you can purchase replacement DMV credentials online, in person or by mail. 

To learn more about replacing lost vehicle registration credentials and to explore the steps you must take to do so, review the information below. 

How to Replace a Lost Registration in West Virginia

To obtain a duplicate registration card and/or decal, you can submit your request online, in person or by mail. Learn more about each of these application methods in the sections below. 

How to Replace Online

Can you print your car registration online in WV?” is a question you may have if you lose or damage your existing DMV credentials. 

Typically, you can replace car registration credentials online if you have a valid automobile insurance policy on file with the West Virginia DMV.

 Additionally, you must be able to provide several items, including:

  • A reason for your request.
  • Your full name and address.
  • Your driver’s license number and county of residence.

If you cannot provide this information, you must submit your request in person or by mail.  

Download our free guide for a full list of what you need to replace your car registration. 

In Person

To purchase a West Virginia copy of your registration credentials in person rather than online, visit your local DMV office.

You will need to submit a request form. If necessary, you may also use this application to perform a change of address request at the same time. 

When completing this replacement car registration application, you must be able to provide the name and address of all vehicle owners and detailed information about the registered automobile. 

You must also provide payment for the required fee. 

By Mail

When requesting an auto registration replacement credential by mail, forward your completed application and payment for the required fee to the DMV’s Vehicle Services Division in Charleston. 

How to Get a West Virginia DMV Copy of Registration Plates

If you also need duplicate car registration plates, you may submit your request in person, online or by mail. 

If your license plates were lost or stolen, however, you must first file a report with the West Virginia State Police. 

Want more tips on replacing your registration documents quickly and easily? Download our free guide.