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About Replacing Your Car Registration in Virginia

Replacing a defective or lost car registration in Virginia is an important process that you must complete as soon as you become aware of the issue. If you operate a motor vehicle without a valid registration card, license plates or stickers on you, you could receive a traffic ticket.

This violation could appear on your driving record, leading to points on your license and higher insurance premiums down the line. With this in mind, it is imperative that you

To replace damaged or lost vehicle registration decals or cards, you can submit your request in person or online. If you need to replace your vehicle’s license plates, however, online requests are not available. You must perform this task in person or by mail. To learn more about replacing defective, lost or stolen registration credentials, review the sections below.

Replacing a Damaged or Lost Registration in Virginia

If you need to purchase duplicate registration credentials or wish to replace your registration materials after changing your legal name or address, you can submit your request in person or online.

When you purchase your replacement credentials online, you can typically print the duplicate document on your own or may request a replacement by mail. Learn more about these application methods in the sections below.


“Can you print your car registration online in Virginia?” is a question you may ask if you misplace or damage your vehicle’s registration card or validation stickers, or or have them stolen.

Typically, you may print an auto registration replacement from the comfort of your home if you have an account on Virginia’s online DMV portal. If you do not have access to a working printer, you may request to receive your replacement credential in the mail.

If you wish to purchase a replacement car registration card or decal but do not have a MyDMV Account, you can still complete the replacement process online by providing your vehicle information. If you own the registered motor vehicle, you may also perform an address change at this time if your information is not current with the Virginia DMV.

In Person

To replace car registration credentials in person, you must visit a local DMV customer service center near you.

If you live near Woodbridge or Roanoke, you can also purchase a replacement validation decal or registration card at a DMV self-service center. However, you must be able to pay the applicable fee with an electronic check or credit card.

After purchasing a VA copy of registration credentials, you will receive your replacement decals before leaving the DMV office. However, the DMV will mail the registration card to you. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your current address is on file with the DMV before completing the transaction.

Can’t figure out which method is right for you? Download our free guide for more information.

Getting a Virginia DMV Copy of Registration License Plates

To purchase duplicate car registration plates, you must complete an official vehicle registration application before submitting the request by mail or in person at your local DMV office. With this application, you can simultaneously order replacement plates and license plate decals.

After placing your order, you can visit the DMV’s website to track the delivery status of your new license plates. To do so, you must provide your registered automobile’s license plate number, or you may enter your title number and the last four digits of the vehicle’s VIN.

Download our free, helpful guide for tips on how to complete the process.