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About Replacing a Car Registration in Pennsylvania

You must replace a lost car registration in Pennsylvania if your original credential is no longer in your possession or damaged due to heat, water or fire. You must also replace your lost vehicle registration card or license plates if you believe they have been stolen from you.

Moreover, you may need duplicate registration credentials for other reasons as well, especially if you change your name or address. State law mandates that all drivers request registration replacements from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Driving without proof of a valid registration can result in getting a traffic ticket and fine. To learn more about the steps you must take to replace your registration credentials, review the sections below.

Replacing a Damaged or Lost Registration in Pennsylvania

To replace car registration credentials that have been stolen, lost or damaged, you must submit a request online or by mail. The method you choose will depend on your preferred method and which one(s) you are eligible for. In many cases, you can replace your registration credentials online except for duplicate license plates, which may require an in-person visit.


“Can you print your car registration online in PA?” is a question you may have if you lose or damage your vehicle’s existing registration card. Typically, you can purchase a copy of registration credentials online through PennDOT’s website.

You must be able to provide your registered vehicle’s license plate number and the first eight digits of your vehicle title number. The next step is paying the application fee with an accepted credit card, such as a Visa or MasterCard.

In some cases, you may qualify for a free Pennsylvania auto registration replacement when renewing your vehicle’s registration credentials online.

However, you will only have a 30-day window from the date on which you renewed your license plates to print it. If you do not print the card within that time, you will need to pay an application fee when you do submit your online request.

By Mail

If you cannot obtain your replacement car registration card online, you can also submit your request by mail.

To purchase a replacement PA license plate, registration card or weight class sticker by mail, you must provide PennDOT with a completed application and a check or money order as payment for the applicable fee.

When completing the duplicate car registration application, you must be able to provide a reason for the request (such as lost, stolen or defaced) and information on the vehicle, including:

  • The registered vehicle’s identification number.
  • The title number.
  • The license plate number.

Note: If you wish to obtain a new registration card but not a corrected title certificate, there is no charge to purchase a duplicate credential. However, you must pay a fee if you wish to purchase a duplicate certificate of title as well.

Download our free guide for tips on how to find more details about vehicle registration replacement.