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Replacing a Car Registration in Alaska

You must replace a lost car registration in Alaska as soon as you notice the issue to avoid being ticketed for driving without valid credentials. The law states that a motorist must have a copy of his or her valid registration in the vehicle at all times and a valid tab on the rear license plate.

The methods available to replace a lost vehicle registration card or tab will vary depending on where you live and your distance from your nearest DMV office. 

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can help you get a duplicate registration as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn the different methods to replace a lost, stolen or damaged registration

About Replacing a Lost Car Registration in Alaska in Person

If you need to replace a damaged, stolen or lost registration in AK, you may need to visit a DMV office or an authorized third party near you to request the replacement in person. You can use Alaska’s DMV website to locate your nearest office and make an appointment. Download our guide for helpful, free tips on how to perform this task.

Note that each DMV office or partner location has its own hours and days of operation. In certain areas, you may only have a few opportunities each month to request a DMV registration copy in person. When you visit the office, you may need to provide some of the following information:

  • An Alaska copy of registration card, if you have it
  • Your license plate number and vehicle identification number (VIN) 
  • Your vehicle make and model

If your current registration document is damaged, you must return it in to the DMV when you request a new one. Bring a form of payment for the applicable duplicate car registration fee. The Alaska DMV accepts Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, personal checks and money orders. You should receive your new registration card or tabs immediately.

Note: If you lose your registration close to its expiration date, you could consider completing the registration renewal process instead of ordering a duplicate.

Replacing Car Registration in Alaska Online

If you need a DMV copy of registration but you do not live within 50 miles of an Alaska DMV office, you can order your replacement registration online. To use the online method, you must have a computer or other device with internet access and a valid credit or debit card to pay the replacement fees. 

To obtain a DMV copy of registration online, you must input personal and vehicle information and closely follow the prompts.

If you are wondering, “Can you print your car registration online after purchase?” note that replacement documents will be mailed to your address on file with the AK DMV. As such, you must notify them if you change your address.

Getting an Alaska Auto Registration Replacement by Mail

Mailing a replacement request for a lost car registration is a good option for Alaska motorists living in remote locations without internet access. Simply complete the application form and mail it along with your fee payment. 

You can also write a letter stating your need for replacement vehicle registration documents if you are unable to print the application form. Be sure to include your license plate number, VIN and your vehicle’s make and model. It can take several weeks to receive your new card or tabs by mail.

If you need a replacement car registration because your tab or registration card was stolen, consider filing a police report. Although it is not required by Alaska law, having a police report documenting the theft can help prevent or identity theft issues. It can also help resolve any problems that may arise from fraudulent use of your registration materials.

Download our free guide for more information on how to complete this task.