How to Replace a Car Registration in Wyoming

You must replace a lost car registration in Wyoming as soon as your original credential is no longer in your possession. 

State law requires you to carry a copy of registration credentials in your vehicle whenever you operate it. As such, you may receive a traffic citation if you cannot present proof of registration when asked upon. 

In addition to replacing a WY lost registration certificate, you must purchase replacement license plates and/or tabs if these vital credentials get damaged beyond readability or if you change your residential address.

Wyoming law requires that your license plates and tabs remain clearly visible and legible, or you could receive a traffic citation. 

To learn more about these requirements and the steps you must take to replace your license plates, tabs and/or registration certificate, review the information below. 

How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Registration in Wyoming

To obtain a duplicate registration certificate after your original credential acquires damages or goes missing, you must visit the treasurer’s office in the county where you reside to submit your request in person.