How to Replace Car Registration in Wisconsin

Replacing a lost car registration in Wisconsin is an important step to take if you misplace your vehicle’s current registration card, damage it to the point that it is no longer legible or believe that another individual has stolen the credential from you.

Additionally, you must replace damaged or lost vehicle registration stickers if they disappear from your car at any time, as driving without valid registration stickers may result in penalty fees.

To obtain duplicate registration credentials after they sustain damages or disappear from your possession, you may submit your request online or by mail, depending on your preferred method. In most cases, you may replace your registration online or by mail depending on your preferences. To learn more about the steps you must take to replace registration credentials, review the information below.

How to Replace a Lost Registration in Wisconsin

To replace car registration credentials after these important materials become lost, stolen or damaged, you have the option of submitting a request online or by mail. Learn more about these application methods in the sections below.

How to Replace Online

To obtain a copy of registration credentials, you may choose to place your order online on the website of the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

To do so, you must be able to provide your Wisconsin driver’s license or ID number, date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). You must also provide the registered vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and be able to pay the application fee with an acceptable form of payment.

Learn more about the steps for ordering a duplicate car registration in our in-depth registration guide.

You may be wondering, “Can you print your car registration online in Wisconsin?” if you lose or damage your vehicle’s registration card or license plate sticker at any time. If you purchase a replacement card but not a license plate sticker, you may print your registration card after placing your online order.

If you order a registration card and license plate sticker, however, you will receive your replacement credentials in the mail.