Rhode Island

How to Replace Car Registration in Rhode Island

You must replace a stolen or lost car registration in Rhode Island as soon as you become aware of the issue. If you do not replace a lost vehicle registration card after it goes missing, you may receive a traffic ticket if a police officer pulls you over and you cannot present valid proof of your car or truck’s registration period. 

Note: If you lose your registration documents close to their expiration date, it may be more cost efficient to complete the registration renewal process instead of ordering a duplicate. 

If your vehicle’s license plates are stolen, you must file a police report with a local law enforcement agency before purchasing your replacement tags. When purchasing a duplicate registration plate, you must also surrender any remaining tags to the DMV, if applicable. 

To learn how to replace car registration credentials, review the information below. 

How to Obtain an Auto Registration Replacement in Rhode Island

To replace your DMV credentials once your original documents are lost, damaged or stolen, you must submit your request in person or by mail. You may wonder, “Can you print your car registration online in Rhode Island?”Currently, this Division of Motor Vehicles in Rhode Island does not offer that option. 

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