How to Replace a Car Registration in Oregon

Knowing how to replace a lost car registration in Oregon is crucial, as driving a vehicle without valid proof of registration is unlawful in most states.

You must replace a lost vehicle registration card as soon as your original credential are no longer in your possession.

If your registration card acquires a significant amount of damage and becomes unreadable, you must also purchase a replacement.

In addition to the registration card, you can also obtain duplicate registration license plates and validation decals. Typically, you can replace these items online, in person or by mail.

To explore the steps you must take to replace your registration card, license plates and/or validation decals, review the information below.

How to Replace a Defective or Lost Registration in Oregon

There are three ways to replace your car registration card: online, in person and by mail. Review the sections below to explore these application methods in greater detail.

How to Replace Online

“Can you print your car registration online in OR?” is a question you may have if you need to replace a lost, stolen or damaged registration credential.

You can typically purchase a replacement card online, unless your address or legal name is not current with the Oregon DMV. However, you must be able to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) and license plate number of your registered automobile.