How to Replace Car Registration in Ohio

Replacing a lost car registration in Ohio is easy, as the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) allows you to purchase a duplicate credential whenever you lose the original documents. You must also purchase duplicate documents if your original items sustained some damage and are no longer legible.

There are two main ways to replace a car registration in Ohio: online or by mail. The method you use will depend on how urgently you need the duplicate. Typically, mailing the request takes longer to process than completing it online.

To learn more about the steps you must take to replace your damaged, stolen or lost vehicle registration, review the information below.

How to Replace a Damaged or Lost Registration in Ohio

To replace car registration certificates, license plates or validation decals, you must submit your request online or by mail, depending on your personal preference. Mail-in applications can take at least four weeks to process whereas for online requests, you will receive your replacement credentials within 10 business days.As such, you may want to submit your order online to expedite your duplicate registration request.

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To obtain a copy of registration credentials, you must also pay a small application fee. However, the amount of your application fee will vary depending on the type of registration credentials you wish to replace. If you have any questions about these application fees, the BMV is available by telephone the address your concerns

To learn more about how to obtain duplicate car registration credentials when your original documents get damaged, lost or stolen from your motor vehicle, see below.