How to Replace Car Registration in Mississippi

You must replace a lost car registration in Mississippi as soon as your original credential disappears from your possession, as driving a vehicle without valid proof of registration is unlawful in the state. If a police officer pulls you over and you cannot present proof of registration, you may receive a traffic ticket.

To replace lost vehicle registration credentials, you typically need to visit your local tax collector’s office to purchase a duplicate document in person. However, the specific process of replacing lost, stolen or unreadable registration credentials varies slightly depending on your county and the type of document you wish to replace.

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How to Replace a Damaged or Lost Registration in Mississippi

To obtain a duplicate registration credential after your original acquires damages or goes missing, visit your county tax collector’s office to submit your request in person.

When you replace car registration certificates, you will need to provide basic information about your registered vehicle, including its license plate number. You must also pay a small application fee (more information here).