How to Replace Car Registration in Minnesota

You must replace a damaged or lost car registration in Minnesota as soon as possible to avoid potential penalties. It is against the law to drive without valid registration, so failing to replace a lost vehicle registration a timely manner may earn you fines if you are stopped by a police officer for any reason.

You can order a duplicate registration in Minnesota in person or by mail. You can also order duplicate license plates and tags. To learn more about how to replace your registration credentials through the Division of Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), download our free step-by-step registration guide.

How To Replace a Lost Registration in Minnesota

You can replace car registration materials in person or by mail. When submitting your request, you must provide your vehicle’s:

  • License plate number.
  • Title number.
  • Make, model and year.

To order your replacement car registration, you also need the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your registered automobile.

You may be wondering, “Can you print your car registration online in MN?” Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a replacement DVS credential online at this time. For more information on the replacement methods available to you, see below.

In Person

To purchase an auto registration replacement in person, you must visit your local Deputy Registrar’s office to submit an application. You may use this application to purchase a replacement registration and/or certificate of title. Note that if replacing a certificate of title, however, you must be the owner on file for the vehicle.