How to Replace Car Registration in Massachusetts

Replacing a lost car registration in Massachusetts is an important process you must complete as soon as possible, since driving without a valid registration certificate is unlawful in the state. To order a replacement, you may submit your request online, in person or by phone.

Note: Before ordering a duplicate registration certificate, it is important that you update your address if you have recently moved from one part of the state to another.

In addition to replacing lost vehicle registration credentials as soon as possible, you must also order a duplicate car registration. You must also order a duplicate from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) if your registration certificate becomes damaged to the point that it is no longer legible.

To learn more about these requirements and the steps you must take to replace your RMV credentials, review the information below.

How to Replace a Lost Registration in Massachusetts

To replace car registration documents after they become damaged or lost, you may place an order online, in person or by phone. If you wish to replace a license plate decal, however, you must visit an RMV Service Center to submit your request in person.

Additional information about each of these application methods is available in our free step-by-step registration guide.

How to Replace Online

Many drivers ask, “Can you print your car registration online if you no longer have the original copy?”

As long as you can provide pieces of information about yourself and your vehicle, you may purchase a replacement certificate online. However, you must be able to provide your Massachusetts driver’s license number and vehicle registration number. If you cannot provide this information, you must submit your request in person or by phone.