How to Replace Car Registration in Indiana

Replacing a lost car registration in Indiana is an important process that you must complete whenever you lose your vehicle’s original registration card, decals or license plates. If your lost vehicle registration credentials were stolen, however, it is also important that you file a police report with a local law enforcement agency, as doing so helps to protect your identity.

Moreover, you must obtain duplicate registration credentials if your original documents acquire a substantial amount of damages to the point that they are no longer readable. If your registration credentials are not valid, visible or legible, you may receive a traffic ticket if a police office pulls you over for any reason. Therefore, it is important to replace your registration credentials as soon as they sustain damages or disappear from your possession.

To learn more about replacing your car registration credentials and the steps you must take once you lose or damage them, review the information below.

How to Replace a Defective or Lost Registration in Indiana

To replace car registration credentials after your original registration card or license plate decals disappear from your possession or become damaged, you must submit your request online or in person. Learn more about these application methods in the sections below and through downloading our car registration guide.

How to Replace Online

“Can you print your car registration online in Indiana?” is a question you may have if you need to replace your damaged or lost registration credentials at any time. In most cases, you can print your registration card online under the website of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), as long as you can provide several important pieces of information.

When submitting your online request, for instance, you must be able to login to your existing myBMV account by providing a user name and password, or you may create a new account by providing your Indiana driver’s license number, zip code and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). Alternatively, you may choose to submit your order as a guest.