How to Replace Car Registration in Alabama

Replacing a damaged or lost car registration in Alabama is important, as state law requires you to keep your vehicle’s registration receipt on you whenever you drive on public roads and highways. If you do not replace a damaged or lost vehicle registration receipt, you may receive a fine if a law enforcement officer pulls you over. Therefore, it is important to purchase a replacement credential if your original registration receipt disappears from your vehicle or becomes unreadable at any time.

You will also need to request duplicate registration decals and license plates if these materials become damaged or lost, since driving without valid tags and registration stickers is unlawful in the state. To learn more about these requirements and to discover the steps you must take to replace your registration credentials, review the information below.

How to Obtain Alabama Auto Registration Replacement Credentials

To replace car registration materials after they become damaged, lost or stolen, you must submit a request directly to the license plate issuing office in the county where your motor vehicle is registered. To do so, you must complete the proper replacement application.

When completing the ADOR’s replacement car registration application, you must provide information about the vehicle’s registered owner, identification number (VIN) and license plate number. You must also provide a reason for the request.

After completing this application, you must submit it in person or by mail. Learn more about these application methods in our free step-by-step car registration guide.

In Person

If you wish to replace your receipt in person, you must visit a local license plate issuing office in the county where your vehicle is registered. During your office visit, you must submit your application and payment for the replacement fee.

Keep in mind that if your registration is about to expire, you may be better off simply requesting a vehicle registration renewal rather than ordering a duplicate.