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How to Renew a Car Registration in Alaska

The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recommends requesting your Alaska car registration renewal early to make sure it is completed before your current registration and license plates/tags expire. You will receive a renewal notice from the DMV approximately two months before your current registration expires. Depending on the way you choose to submit your renewal, the process can take up to six weeks. 

An AK tag renewal is required every two years. If your registration is expired for more than one year, you must complete the new car registration process instead of a renewal.

Certain senior Alaska motorists can avoid the stress of DMV registration renewal by applying for a permanent vehicle registration. Review the following sections to learn about the requirements and application process for permanent and regular registrations.

Renewing Registration Online in Alaska

Motorists should renew registration online in Alaska whenever possible, as it is the DMV’s quickest and most efficient renewal method. Most Alaska motorists will be able to renew registration online with access to the internet via computer, mobile phone or other device.

They will also need a credit card for the fee payment. However, note that commercial vehicles cannot be renewed online in Alaska.

The process to renew your registration online includes visit the Alaska DMV’s online portal, inputting the information from your renewal notice and following the prompts to pay your license plate renewal fees and any applicable taxes. 

Your new registration card and stickers will be mailed to the address on file with the DMV. As such, if you have a change of address, you must notify the division. 

If you have not received your documents two weeks, perform a car registration check by calling or emailing the DMV. The car reg check will let you know an estimated date of arrival and if there were any problems processing your application.

Other Methods for an Alaska Tag Renewal

If you cannot get a DMV car registration renewal online, you can renew your registration in person, by phone or by mail. Note that in Alaska, you must pay an additional fee for  in-person services at the DMV. You may need to present some of the following items:

  • A vehicle registration renewal notice
  • A copy of your most recent registration document
  • Proof of a valid auto insurance policy

Download our free guide for more tips on how to renew your registration quickly and easily.

In Person or By Phone

For an in-person DMV registration renewal, you must locate your nearest DMV office or authorized third party. Once you visit the office, you must bring the required documents and submit them to the representative.

If you prefer to renew by phone, you can call the division and have your information in hand to give to the DMV representative.

By Mail

You may find it easier to submit an Alaska tag renewal application by mail. However, this process takes at least six weeks in Alaska. If you have enough time before your tag expires, send the documents to the address listed on your renewal notice.

Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the DMV to mail your new registration documents and stickers. 

Eliminating the Tag Renewal Process Through Permanent Registration

You can stop worrying about your tag renewal by signing up for a permanent Alaska vehicle registration. To qualify, you must meet certain requirements based on the location and the vehicle. Learn more about permanent registrations by downloading our free guide.