How to Renew a Car Registration in Wyoming

You must apply for a car registration renewal in Wyoming before your license plates expire.

Failure to do so may result in the incurrence of penalty fees. If a law enforcement officer pulls you over, you may also receive a traffic citation for driving a vehicle with expired license plates. 

As a reminder to apply for your tag renewal, your local county treasurer’s office may send you a reminder notice before your license plates are due to expire. This renewal notice will provide you with specific information about the steps you must take to renew your license plates in a timely manner. 

While the specific DMV registration renewal application process varies slightly depending on the county in which you live, you will typically need to renew your credentials in person. 

To learn more about the steps you may need to take to renew your registration credentials in Wyoming, review the sections below. 

How to Apply for a License Plate Renewal in Wyoming 

The specific DMV car registration renewal process varies widely throughout the state

Some counties require you to apply in person, while others offer online renewal. 

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You must refer to your current year’s renewal notice or contact your county treasurer’s office for specific instructions on renewing your vehicle’s license plates. 

Note: If you lose your registration close to its expiration date, consider renewing your license instead of ordering a duplicate, as it will only be valid for a short time.