How to Renew Car Registration in Utah

You must apply for a Utah car registration renewal whenever your current registration documents are set to expire. The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will send a DMV registration renewal notice several weeks before your registration expiration date.

It is common for drivers to not receive these notices in the mail, usually due to a change of address. However, even if you do not receive a renewal notice in the mail, you are still responsible for keeping your registration valid.

Most drivers find it convenient to renew registration online through the Utah Motor Vehicle Portal (MVP) or the state’s Renewal Express website. Residents of certain areas are required to pass vehicle inspections before being eligible for a renewal. Review the following sections to learn about online, in-person and by-mail registration renewal in Utah.

How to Renew Registration Online in Utah

You can renew registration online in Utah through the Motor Vehicle Portal (MVP) or the state’s Renewal Express website. However, you cannot renew online unless you have passed a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection and/or emissions test, if these are required for your car.

Note that if your registration’s expiration date is just a few days away, you must renew in person instead of online. Most Utah motorists can obtain online tag renewal by providing the following information:

  • License plate number
  • Registration renewal notice PIN number (for Renewal Express transactions)
  • Last eight digits of vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • A copy of your inspection or emissions test reports

Get a full list of required documents and information in our step-by-step car registration guide.

When renewing online, follow the car registration renewal prompts and enter all required information. You should receive your new registration card and decals by mail within 15 days of submitting your payment.

If you have not received them within this time frame, check vehicle registration status online or call the DMV. Depending on the results of the car reg check, you may need to pick up your materials at your DMV office.