How to Renew Car Registration in Michigan

Applying for a car registration renewal in Michigan is an important step to take before your vehicle’s current registration expires, as driving without valid credentials is against the law and may result in penalty fees if a police officer notices and pulls you over.

To reduce your risk of receiving a traffic citation for driving with expired registration stickers, it is important to renew your credentials with the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) as soon as you receive a renewal notice from the department.

To apply for a DMV registration renewal before your vehicle’s license plates expire, you can typically complete the process online, in person or by mail, depending on your preferred method. To learn more about each of these application methods and the different types of documents you must submit when renewing your license plates, review the information below.

How to Apply for Tag Renewal in Michigan

When you need to apply for license plate renewal in MI, you may choose to complete the process electronically, in person at a local SOS branch or by mailing an application to the Michigan Department of State in Lansing.

Online renewal is typically the quickest and most convenient method, but you may choose to apply in person at an SOS branch if you prefer, especially if you need to renew your credentials more than several months in advance. Review the sections below to explore these application methods in greater detail.

Note: If your registration is lost but is not expired or expiring soon, you may be able to request a duplicate vehicle registration instead.

How to Renew Online

You may choose to renew registration online through the state’s ExpressSOS service if you can provide your vehicle’s license plate number and the last four digits of its identification number (VIN). Additionally, you must be able to pay the registration fee with an accepted form of payment. In some cases, you may also need to provide your driver’s license number or personal identification number.

Moreover, you may check vehicle registration status online before renewing your license plates if you wish to look up the registration fee you will have to pay. To do so, you must be able to provide your vehicle’s license plate number.