How to Renew a Car Registration in Maine

Applying for car registration renewal in Maine is one of the processes you must complete as a registered vehicle owner. Driving with invalid license plates is unlawful in the state and can lead to paying costly traffic fines.

Before applying for a DMV registration renewal, you must visit your town office to pay excise taxes on your motor vehicle.

If the town in which you live participates in the state’s Rapid Renewal program, you may pay your excise taxes and complete the entire application process online.  

If online tag renewal is not available to you, you must visit a local branch of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) after paying excise taxes at your municipal office. 

To discover the steps you must take to renew your BMV credentials before they expire, review the information below. 

How to Apply for a License Plate Renewal in Maine

You can renew your registration online or in person, depending on the town in which you live. Learn more about the different application methods that may be available in your municipality by reading the sections below. 

How to Renew Online

Once you check your vehicle registration status online and see that you are eligible for an online renewal you must access the BMV’s Rapid Renewal website.