How to Renew Your Car Registration in Florida

Applying for Florida car registration renewal is a process that you must complete every one to two years, depending on the type of renewal period you choose. Under state law, you may apply for DMV registration renewal as early as three months in advance, up until midnight on your birthday.

Typically, you will begin to incur delinquent fees if you do not renew your vehicle’s registration credentials before the 11th calendar day of the following month. If you drive with an expired registration for long enough, you may even be charged with a felony.

To easily apply for tag renewal before your vehicle’s license plates expire, you may complete the process online, in person or via the MyFlorida mobile app.

Online renewal is the most convenient method for most Florida residents, but you may choose to visit a local service center if you prefer to complete the process in person. Review the sections below to learn more about the steps you must take to renew your registration credentials before they expire.

Florida License Plate Renewal Application Requirements

To renew your registration online, in person or via the MyFlorida mobile app, you must meet several important requirements. To apply online or via the smartphone app, for instance, you need to have an active automobile insurance policy on file with the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).

If the FLHSMV cannot electronically verify your active insurance policy, you must visit a motor vehicle service center to apply in person. Note: For detailed information about renewing your car registration in Florida, get your copy of this step-by-step guide.

You may choose to check vehicle registration status online before renewing your license plates electronically, at a service center or via the mobile app to determine if you need to meet any additional requirements.

To complete the lookup, you must be able to provide your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) or title number.

How to Apply for DMV Car Registration Renewal in Florida

After performing a car reg check and gathering the information you will need to renew your vehicle’s license plates, you must decide whether you wish to apply online, in person or through the MyFlorida mobile app. To explore your options in detail, see below.