How to Renew Car Registration in Alabama

You must complete a car registration renewal in Alabama each year before your vehicle’s license plates expire. Failure to renew your Alabama registration in time may result in penalty fees and traffic tickets if a police officer pulls you over. In Alabama, your vehicle’s license plates expire on the last day of your registration month.

Note: If your registration materials are lost but your registration is not expiring soon, you may need to request a duplicate vehicle registration instead.

When your DMV registration renewal period is approaching, your county’s license plate issuing office will send you a reminder notice in the mail. If you do not receive a reminder card, or if the county where you reside does not mail renewal notices to its customers, you must remember to renew your registration credentials before they expire.

Regardless of whether you receive a renewal notice, you are responsible for renewing your registration credentials in a timely manner.

The tag renewal process typically varies depending on the county in which you live. However, many county license plate offices allow you to renew your registration credentials online, in person, by mail or by phone. To learn more about license plate renewal and the various steps you may need to take in order to renew your registration materials, review the information below.

How to Apply for DMV Car Registration Renewal in Alabama

To complete your annual car reg check and renewal before your vehicle’s license plates expire, you must first familiarize yourself with the available application methods in the county where you live.

In Mobile County, for instance, you can renew your registration materials online, by phone or by mail. However, these application methods are not available in all parts of the state, as some counties may require you to apply for renewal in person or by mail.

To learn more about available application methods and get step-by-step renewal instructions, download our free in-depth guide.

How to Renew Online

If you can renew your registration online in the county where you reside, you will typically need to provide your Alabama driver’s license number and ADOR record number to begin your online application.

After submitting your online request, you will receive your new registration credentials in the mail. In some counties, you may check vehicle registration status online while you wait for your permanent credentials to arrive.

Note: If you did not receive a renewal notice and cannot provide a record number, however, you may enter your vehicle’s tag number.