How to Renew Your Car Registration

How to Renew Your Car Registration

This site is privately owned and is not associated with the government. It contains information to help you in your Car Registration application process. All motorists must complete a car registration renewal periodically to maintain their driving privileges. A car registration serves as proof that motorists meet the state’s insurance requirements and have paid any necessary fees. Typically, drivers must perform a DMV registration renewal every year. However, some states offer two- and three-year registrations.

The renewal process varies from one state to the next. Some offer online renewals while others require in-person visits. There are also documents that motorists must submit for the tag renewal, such as proof of insurance and vehicle inspection. Read on to learn more about the process to renew a car registration.

When to Perform a Car Registration Renewal

Before deciding if you want to renew your registration online, in person or by mail, it is important to know the right time to do so. Most states send motorists a reminder notice through the mail several weeks before their registrations’ expiration dates. Drivers can then mail back their forms with payment to complete the renewal process.

For a license plate renewal, you may also be able to perform a car reg check. This allows you to see when your registration is expiring and if you should renew it now or wait longer. Not all states offer the car registration check feature. However, you can often find out this information by simply contacting the state’s motor vehicles department and providing your vehicle information.

Note: You may not be eligible for a renewal if you fail to pay court-ordered child support payments or have a suspended registration or license.

Car Registration Renewal Methods

If you check your vehicle registration status online and find that yours is nearing its expiration date, the next step is selecting a renewal method. The most common ways to renew a registration are:

  • Through the state DMV’s online portal
  • In person
  • By mail

The steps to complete a car registration renewal include gathering documentation, submitting them to a DMV office or representative and paying the applicable fees. If you do not properly complete the steps, this may cause delays in the processing of your application and put you at risk for being penalized for driving with an expired registration.