How to Change Your Name on Your Utah Registration

It is important to change name on car registration in Utah as soon as possible after a legal name change. Not only are you required to change car registration records so that your name matches on all DMV documents, doing so also prevents potential problems that can result if the name on your title and registration does not match your license.

Whether a DMV name change in Utah is the result of a marriage, divorce, adoption or other legal decree, the process for updating your information is the same. You must submit your name change request in person at a DMV office. Review the following sections to find out what documents you need to legally switch your car registration to a new name.

When is a Utah DMV name change required?

A DMV name change in Utah is necessary following a marriage, divorce or another life event that results in a legal name change. In the case of divorce, if you decide to return to a name you previously used on your DMV documents, you must provide a court order or other legal document proving that you have returned to your previous name. If you have had many name changes through the years, you may be required to show documentation that verifies each name you have had.

Other reasons to change your name include the following:

  • Gender reassignment
  • Changing your legal name to a nickname
  • A career change

In all these cases, you must complete the proper steps to notify the Utah DMV. Download our comprehensive guide for step-by-step instructions on how to perform the name change based on your situation.

Note that if you are also changing your address, there are additional steps you must complete.

How to Change Name on Car Registration in Utah

Changing name on car registration documents is actually the third step in the DMV name change process. First, you must update your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA). This task can be done by mail or in person at an SSA office. This step is necessary because the Utah DMV uses information provided by the SSA to verify name change requests.