How to Change Your Name on Your Oregon Registration

You must change the name on your car registration in Oregon whenever your legal name changes after any major life event, such as marriage, adoption or divorce.

To do so, you must visit a local  Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) office or submit your request by mail.

Before changing your name on car registration credentials, however, you must first update the information on your Oregon driver’s license and Social Security card.

To learn how to change car registration in OR following a name change, review the information below.

Your Oregon Name Change Checklist

Before you can change the name on car registration credentials, notify the SSA of your new name and obtain a replacement Social Security card.

The first step in this process is submitting an application to your local Social Security office in person or by mail.

After changing your name with the SSA and applying for a new Social Security card, you must visit a local DMV office to update the information on your driver’s license records.