New Jersey

How to Change Name on Car Registration in New Jersey

Knowing when to change name on car registration in New Jersey is crucial, as the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) requires you to update your driver’s license, identification card and vehicle registration credentials whenever you legally change your name.

For instance, you must change car registration and driver’s license information if you change your legal name due to marriage, adoption, divorce, court order or after any other major life event.

To begin the process of changing name on car registration, you must visit your local MVC office to submit the request in person. Since you must present certified proof of the name change when changing the name on your MVC records, you cannot submit your request online, by mail or by phone.

However, you can update your driver and vehicle registration records at the same time, eliminating the need to make two separate trips to a New Jersey MVC facility.

To learn more about these requirements, review the information below or download our free registration guide for step-by-step assistance.

How to Apply for a Name Change on Car Registration in New Jersey

Before applying for a DMV name change in New Jersey, there are several steps you must take. For instance, you must first obtain legal proof of your name change, such as a certified copy of a marriage certificate, civil union certificate, divorce decree or court order.

If you do not have certified proof of your name change, you must purchase a copy from the New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registry.

As part of your name change checklist, you must also notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your new name and obtain a replacement Social Security card at no charge. To do so, you must complete an application and submit it to the SSA along with certified proof of the name change.

After the SSA updates its records, you must update the name on your driver and vehicle registration credentials as well.

Note: If you are changing the address on your car registration, you are not required to notify the SSA. You must complete a different set of steps.