New Hampshire

How to Change Your Name on Your New Hampshire Registration

You must change the name on your car registration in New Hampshire whenever your legal name changes and no longer matches the information on your original DMV records.

For instance, if you legally changed your name due to marriage, divorce, court order or any other major life event, you must change car registration and driver’s license information. To update the name on your driver’s license and vehicle registration records, you visit a local office of the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to submit your request in person.

You cannot correct the name on these types of documents without visiting a DMV office. To learn more about the steps you must take to update the name on driver records, review the information below.

Your New Hampshire Name Change Checklist

Before changing the name on car registration and driver’s license credentials, you must first notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your new name.

You cannot change your name with the New Hampshire DMV until you notify the SSA of your new name and obtain a replacement Social Security card.

To change your name with the SSA, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete an application for a new Social Security card.
  2. Obtain certified proof of your name change, identity and U.S. citizenship status.
  3. Submit your application materials to your local Social Security office.