How to Change Your Name on Your Michigan Registration

You may change the name on a car registration in Michigan whenever your legal name changes due to marriage, divorce, adoption, court order or any other major life event. While the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) does not require you to update this information within a specific amount of time, you may choose to submit your request as soon as your legal name changes.

Before you change car registration information, you must correct your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA), apply for a corrected Social Security card and update the information on your Michigan driver’s license or identification card.

After completing these steps, you may update your vehicle records as well. To learn more about the steps for changing your name on your registration and other credentials, review the sections below.

Your Michigan Name Change Checklist

Before changing your name on car registration credentials, you must notify the SSA of your new name and apply for an updated Social Security card. When changing your name with the SSA, you must present certified proof of the name change and evidence of your identity and legal presence with the correct identity documents.

After notifying the SSA of your new name, you must visit an SOS office near you to change the name on your Michigan driver’s license or identification card. For step-by-step information on updating your name at the Michigan SOS, download our in-depth guide.

During your visit, you must present your current driver’s license or ID card and certified proof of the name change (such as a court order or marriage license). You must also pay a fee to correct the information on your driver’s license and obtain a replacement car registration.