How to Change Your Name on Your Massachusetts Registration

Knowing how to change the name on car registration in Massachusetts is crucial. You must change car registration information whenever you legally change your name after marriage, divorce, adoption, gender change or court order. The process for updating the name on your car registration is similar to requesting an RMV change of address, with a few added steps.

To correct the name on your vehicle registration, you may submit your request in person or by mail, depending on your preference. After submitting your request, the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will send you duplicate registration materials that display your new legal name. To learn more about how to update your car registration name, review the sections below.

Before You Change Your Name on Your Car Registration in Massachusetts

Before changing your name on car registration documents, you must complete a few required steps.

First, you need to change your name with Social Security Administration (SSA) and obtain a replacement Social Security card that displays your new legal name. To change your name with the SSA, you must complete the application for a new Social Security card.

When changing your name with the SSA, you must also provide the agency with proof of your identity and change of name. Depending on the nature of your request, proof of the name change may include a certified copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree.

Note: You can find step-by-step instructions on completing this process in our free car registration guide.

After notifying the SSA of your new name, you must update the information on your Massachusetts driver’s license or identification card. To make this DMV name change, you must visit a local Service Center to submit your request in person. After updating the information on your Massachusetts driver’s license or ID card, you can start the process of updating your name on your registration credentials.