How to Change Your Address on Your Alaska Registration

By law, you must change name on car registration in Alaska, along with other DMV documents, within 30 days of legally changing your name. Whether your name changed due to marriage, divorce, adoption or another legal decree, you must change car registration information to reflect your new identifier. 

To get an AK name change on car registration materials, the DMV requires you to provide proof of the name change in person. If you have changed your name multiple times through the years, you must provide documentation that verifies each name change.

Keep reading to learn the best ways to keep your DMV records updated with your latest identifying information.

When an Alaska DMV Name Change is Required

You must submit a DMV name change in Alaska within 30 days of taking on a new name after getting married or entering into a civil union. Likewise, you must update your name on DMV documents if a separation or divorce leads you to restore your name to a previously-used version.

The state’s 30-day name change rule applies to all court-ordered name changes, including adoption or gender reassignment. 

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Although most states require drivers to change their name with the Social Security Administration (SSA) before changing name on car registration, there is no such rule in Alaska.

However, it is recommended that you update the SSA as soon as possible to maintain identification continuity. This can help prevent problems later on if the names on your documents do not match.

How to Change Name on Car Registration in Alaska

You must change name on car registration documents in person at an Alaska DMV office. Note that you may also have to complete a title transfer to update your name or to add or remove a spouse from your vehicle titles. If you live in a remote location and it is difficult to get to a DMV office, you may be able to complete this task over the phone.