How to Change Your Address on Your Tennessee Registration

To apply for a DMV change of address in Tennessee, you must notify your local county clerk’s office if you wish to update the information on your vehicle’s title and registration records. To update the address on your driver’s license, however, you must submit a separate request to your local driver services center.

Before you can change car registration address information with the Tennessee Department of Revenue (DOR) and the State Department of Safety (DOS), it is important to apply for a change of address with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

To learn more about the steps you must take to update your address after you move, review the information below.

Before I change my car registration address in Tennessee, what do I need to do?

Before submitting an official DMV change of address form to the Tennessee DOR and DOS, you must first change your address with the USPS. To apply for a change of address (COA) with USPS, you may submit your request online or in person at a local post office facility.

Note: If you choose to submit your USPS request online, you must pay a small fee to verify your identity.

After applying for a COA with USPS, you must change the address on your Tennessee driver’s license and vehicle registration and titling credentials.

Keep in mind that you cannot change your car registration address and your driver’s license address at the same time. This is because there are two separate departments that oversee driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations in the state.

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Address Change on Car Registration in Tennessee

You cannot apply for a change of address online in TN, as the state DOR only processes these types of requests in person at local county clerk offices. Therefore, you must visit the clerk’s office in the county where your vehicle is registered to change the address on your registration and titling records.