How to Change Your Address on Your Oregon Registration

By law, you must complete an Oregon DMV change of address form within 30 days of moving from one part of the state to another.

When you perform a DMV change of address in OR, the Department of Driver and Motor Vehicle Services will simultaneously update the information on your driver’s license and vehicle registration records.

The DMV will also update the address on your voter registration records unless you tell them not to.

To learn more about these requirements and the steps you must take to update your driver and vehicle registration records in Oregon, review the information below.

What happens when I change my car registration address in Oregon?

When you change your car registration address information with the Oregon DMV, you will not receive a replacement registration card or driver’s license that displays your new address.

However, the DMV will send you an address sticker to attach to your current Oregon driver’s license.

To update your registration card, you may write your new address directly onto the face of your current credential.

If you wish to obtain a new driver’s license or registration card that displays your new address, you may purchase a replacement registration card in person at a local DMV office.

How to Perform an Address Change on a Car Registration in Oregon

You can perform a change of address online, in person or by mail. Review the sections below to learn more about each of these application methods.