How to Change Your Address on Your Oklahoma Registration

You must submit an Oklahoma DMV change of address within 10 days of moving to a new home. The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) must have your current address information on file to send vehicle registration renewal notices and other important vehicle documents.

You can change car registration address information online or by mail. You can also wait until it is time for your next registration renewal to update your address. Download our free registration guide for more on the Oklahoma OTC’s methods for submitting new address information.

When is an Oklahoma DMV change of address necessary?

There are different reasons why you might need an address change on car registration documents. Any time you move to a new home within the state, you have 10 days to notify the OTC of your new home address. In addition, if you notice a typo or another address-related error on your current registration documents, you should provide OTC with the correct information.

How to Submit a Change of Address Online

Submitting a change of address online via the Oklahoma Convenient Auto Renewal System (OK CARS) website is usually the quickest option. In fact, it only takes an average of three minutes to complete this task online.

Simply enter the last four characters of your vehicle identification number (VIN), your street address number and the current primary license plate number. Follow the prompts to update your address.