How to Change Your Address on Your Ohio Registration

Performing an Ohio DMV change of address is an important process that you must complete whenever you move to a new home. Failure to update your address may cause you to miss important mail from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). For instance, you may fail to receive your yearly car registration renewal notices and other important updates pertaining to your BMV credentials.

You can submit your DMV change of address form online or by mail, depending on your preference. Submitting an online request is the quickest and most convenient method for most applicants.

When you change car registration address information with the BMV, you can also update your voter registration records at the same time. If you choose to update your voter registration records, the Ohio BMV will forward your request to the Secretary of State (SOS) after it processes your address change.

To learn more about how to update the address on your vehicle registration records, review the information below.

How can I change my car registration address in Ohio?

To perform an address change on car registration credentials, you must submit your request online or by mail. There is no fee to update the address on your vehicle registration records. However, if you want to order a replacement car registration that displays your new address, you will have to pay a fee.

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