New Hampshire

How to Change Your Address on Your New Hampshire Registration

You must perform a DMV change of address in New Hampshire whenever you move from one part of the state to another. This updates the information on both your driver and vehicle registration records.

If you do not change car registration address information after relocating to a new part of the state, you may not receive license plate renewal notices and other important correspondence.

It is important to note that after correcting the information on your driver and vehicle registration records, you will not receive replacement credentials that display your new address. However, you may purchase a duplicate registration card and/or driver’s license from the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if you wish to do so.

Review the sections below to learn more about the steps you must take to change your address on your driver and vehicle registration credentials.

Performing Address Change on a Car Registration in New Hampshire

“How can I change my car registration address in NH?” is a question you may have after moving from one part of the state to another.

The first step is updating your information with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Depending on the application method you prefer, you may change your USPS address online or in person at a local post office branch.

Then, you must contact the New Hampshire DMV to perform an address change on registration credentials.