How to Change Your Address on Your Mississippi Registration

You must perform a DMV change of address in Mississippi whenever your mailing or residential address changes. If you do not change your car registration address after moving from one part of Mississippi to another, you may not receive tag renewal notices or other important updates pertaining to your state-issued license plates.

Before performing an address change on car registration credentials, you must correct the information on your state-issued driver’s license. To make this change, you must submit a request through the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (MDPS) rather than the State DOR.

You cannot update the address on your driver’s license and vehicle records at the same time, as two separate departments oversee licenses and registration. Download our free in-depth guide to explore the steps you must take to update your address with the MDPS and DOR.

Before Your Address Change on Car Registration in Mississippi

Before performing an address change on registration credentials, you must update your information with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and MDPS. In most cases, you can change your USPS address in person at a post office facility or online for a small fee. However, changing your address with USPS will not automatically update your driver and vehicle registration records.