How to Change Your Address on Your Kansas Registration

The Kansas Department of Revenue (DOR) requires drivers to submit a DMV change of address after moving to another home or using a different mailing address. Having the correct address on file is necessary to avoid missing car registration renewal notices. It can also prevent confusion when performing other vehicle-related tasks.

You must update your Kansas driver’s license or identification card before getting an address change on car registration documents. You can complete your driver’s license change of address online, but the DOR requires you to change your registration address in person. To learn what information is required to change your DOR address, download our instructional guide.

When is a Kansas DMV change of address necessary?

There are several scenarios when you may need to submit a DMV change of address form to the Kansas DOR. Each time you move to a new home within the state, you should update the DOR with your new address as soon as possible.