How to Change Your Address on Your Indiana Registration

Performing a DMV change of address in Indiana is an important step that you must take if you hold a driver’s license, identification card or learner’s permit and own a registered motor vehicle in the state.

Under state law, you must change car registration address information and update your Indiana driver’s license within 30 days of changing your residential address, as failure to do so may result in the loss of future correspondence from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

If you do not apply for an address change on car registration and driver’s license credentials, you may fail to receive renewal notices from the BMV, other important updates from the Bureau or additional correspondence pertaining to your driver’s license, ID card, learner’s permit or vehicle registration credentials. To learn how to change your address and update your BMV records in a timely manner, review the information below.

How can I change my car registration address in Indiana?

To perform a DMV address change on registration and driver’s license credentials, you must visit a local BMV branch to update these important documents in person, as the Bureau does not allow you to make these changes online or by mail.

Instead, you must visit a local BMV branch to present two recent proofs of Indiana residency, such as a utility bill, mortgage statement or credit card bill. Additionally, these documents must have been issued within the previous 60 days.

Before changing your car registration address, however, you must first update your address with the United States Postal Service (USPS). To do so, you must submit your Change of Address (COA) request online or in person at a local USPS facility. If you submit your request online, you must pay a small fee to verify your identity.

When changing your address with the USPS, you must be able to provide your new and old address, as well as the names of each household member who will be moving with you. Typically, you can submit your COA request to the USPS as early as 30 days before you move, up to 90 days after.

After changing your IN vehicle registration address and submitting your COA request to the USPS, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will update the residential address on your driver and vehicle registration credentials.