How to Change Your Address on Your Registration

<h1>How to Change Your Address on Your Registration</h1>
Motorists must complete a DMV change of address when moving to a new area. Many DMVs require drivers to notify them of an address change within a few days. There are several ways to perform a change of your car registration address. Many states offer an easy and convenient online portal through which drivers log in and provide the new address. However, other states may require in-person visits to document the change.

During the process, drivers may need to complete a DMV change of address form and submit proof of the new address. To learn more about car registration address changes, review the sections below.
<h2><strong>When to Perform a DMV Change of Address</strong></h2>
In most states, motorists are required to perform an address change on car registrations within a few days of obtaining a new address. Typically, drivers must change their addresses in the following situations:
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<li>When moving to a new home within the state</li>
<li>When directing their mail to another address</li>
It is important to note that if you move to another state, you will not perform a DMV change of address. Instead, you will likely need to return your license plate and complete the <a href=””>steps to apply for a new registration in the new state</a>.
<h2><strong>How to Perform a DMV Change of Address</strong></h2>
The process of performing an address change on a car registration will depend on the state in which you live in. In some states, you must log into the state DMV’s online portal, provide information to help locate your records and provide the new address.

The change in your records is usually immediate, which is why many opt to perform the change of address online. Certain states may not have the technology to process online requests. However, you may need to visit your local DMV office or send it by mail as an alternative.