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New Jersey

Applying for a Car Registration in New Jersey

One of the first steps you must take after purchasing or acquiring an automobile is obtain a New Jersey vehicle registration. However, the specific DMV registration process you must complete will depend on how and where you obtained the vehicle.

For your initial vehicle registration, a licensed car dealership will likely submit the registration request on your behalf if that is where you purchased the vehicle. In other cases, you will need to register it manually.

For instance, if you purchase the vehicle in a private sale or from an out-of-state dealership, you must visit a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office to manually submit your registration application in person.

Once you register your vehicle, you will need to perform a yearly car registration renewal. To learn more about these DMV car registration requirements and to explore the steps you must take to register your vehicle, review the information below.

Getting Vehicle Registration Records in New Jersey

Typically, you must get new car registration credentials for your newly acquired vehicle in person at a local MVC agency, unless you purchased the vehicle from a licensed New Jersey dealership.

To get NJ auto registration credentials after purchasing a vehicle from a private party, auction or an out-of-state dealership, you must visit a local MVC office to submit several important documents, including the vehicle’s original certificate of title. Other documents include:

  • A filled out application.
  • Proof of identification.
  • A valid automobile insurance card.
  • A financing statement, if applicable.

Depending on the situation, you may also need to submit a notarized bill of sale and the vehicle’s previous certificate of registration, especially if you purchased the automobile at an auction.

Where can I apply for New Jersey car registration near me?

To apply for a new NJ car registration, you must visit a local MVC office near you and submit your request in person.

To find a local facility near you, you can search for MVC offices online before heading in. Once you locate an office near you, you must visit the facility during its regular operating hours.

Before you make a trip to the office, you must gather the proper documentation, such as proof of automobile ownership and any other required documents. This is to expedite the process and help you avoid making two trips.

Once you arrive at the MVC office, you will head to the titling and registration counter to submit your completed application to a representative.

Download our free, guide for a checklist of everything you will need to successfully complete this process.

During your visit, you must also pay car registration sales tax and fees with a credit card, cash, check, or a money order made payable to the New Jersey MVC. Be sure to call ahead to confirm acceptable payment methods as not every office operates the same.

Your vehicle registration fees will depend on your vehicle’s model year and weight class. Before heading into your local MVC office to apply, you can confirm how much you will have to pay by viewing the list of fees online.

While fees typically vary depending on your vehicle’s weight class, model year and gross weight, you may qualify for a discount on the cost of registering your newly acquired vehicle with the New Jersey MVC if you are 65 years of age or older.