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Applying for Car Registration in Minnesota

Applying for Minnesota vehicle registration credentials is one of the first steps you must take when you purchase a new or used vehicle. If you do not register your vehicle, you cannot legally drive it on public roadways without risking fines.

To obtain DMV registration credentials for your newly acquired vehicle, you must visit a local Deputy Registrar Office if you purchased the vehicle from a private seller. You may also submit your application materials by mail. If you purchase the car from a dealership, however, the dealer will complete the application for you before forwarding it to the state’s Division of Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS).

To learn more about DMV car registration and the steps you must take to register your newly acquired vehicle in Minnesota, download our free guide.

Getting Minnesota Vehicle Registration Records

To obtain a new car registration credentials, you must submit your application materials in person or by mail, depending on your preference. If you are a new Minnesota resident, you must complete this process within 60 days of moving into the state.

If you purchase the vehicle from a dealership, however, the dealer will forward your registration application directly to the DVS, eliminating the need to complete this process on your own. You must pay all vehicle registration fees and taxes before leaving the automobile dealership.

To learn more about the steps you must take to register your newly acquired vehicle after purchasing it from an independent seller or family member, see below.

In Person

Many drivers ask, “Where can I apply for MN car registration near me if I wish to register my newly acquired vehicle in person?” To apply for your auto registration in person rather than by mail, you must visit your local Deputy Registrar office to submit an application and proof of automobile ownership, such as the vehicle’s current certificate of title or registration card.

During your office visit, you must verify your identity and pay the applicable taxes and fees. Typically, these taxes and fees vary depending on your vehicle’s age, type and gross weight. Keep in mind that your initial registration fees do not reflect how much you will need to pay during your car registration renewal each year.

By Mail

To pay car registration taxes and fees by mail, you must forward your application materials to the DVS central office in Saint Paul. With your request, include a completed registration application, proof of automobile ownership and payment for any applicable taxes and fees.

Get access to official DVS materials and step-by-step registration instructions in our free guide.