How to Apply for Car Registration in Utah

You must obtain a Utah vehicle registration from the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within a certain time frame after taking ownership of a vehicle. Utah DMV registration requirements apply to new and used cars or trucks obtained from a dealership, private sale, gift or inheritance. However, there are different processes for registering vehicles depending on how you acquired them.

If you are a new Utah resident, you have 60 days to obtain a UT DMV car registration and title transfer on any vehicles you bring into the state. Note that the DMV allows you to complete both the car registration and title transfer at the same time. Read on to learn how to properly register vehicles in Utah.

Utah Vehicle Registration Requirements

A Utah DMV registration is required for most on- and off-road vehicles that operate on the state’s roadways. New car registration is usually handled by the dealer when you buy a car or truck from a licensed dealership. Your dealer will submit the required vehicle registration records and paperwork on your behalf, which means that you do not have to appear in person at the DMV.

If you purchased your vehicle from a private party, or if you received it as part of an inheritance or as a gift, you must visit your local DMV office and submit your registration information in person. If you have recently moved to Utah, you must transfer your out-of-state vehicle registration documents at your nearest UT DMV location.

UT DMV auto registration requires providing certain documents, including:

  • The existing vehicle title, if not being held by a lien holder.
  • The current vehicle registration.
  • Existing license plates, if any.
  • A vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection.

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Note: If you need extra time to obtain your car registration inspections, you can request a temporary registration that allows you 15 extra days to complete the process.

Where to Get a Utah DMV Car Registration

If you are wondering, “Where can I find car registration near me?” Utah DMV offices are located all over the state. Note that the DMV has separate offices dedicated to driver’s license services, and these will not be able to process your registration requests.

In order to apply for a new registration or order a duplicate vehicle registration, be sure to visit a DMV location that specializes in registration and title services.