How to Apply for Car Registration in Oregon

You must apply for an Oregon vehicle registration whenever you purchase, inherit or acquire a new or used vehicle in the state. However, the specific DMV registration process varies slightly depending on how and where you acquire the motor vehicle.

If you purchase a vehicle from an Oregon dealership, for instance, the dealer may charge an additional fee to forward your registration paperwork directly to the Division of Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (also known as the DMV).

You can avoid paying this added fee by submitting the registration paperwork on your own.

To obtain DMV car registration credentials after a vehicle from a private seller or receiving one as a gift, you must submit your registration application yourself.

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How to Get Vehicle Registration Records in Oregon

To obtain new car registration credentials for your recently acquired motor vehicle, you may submit your application paperwork by mail or in person at a local DMV office.

If you purchase a vehicle from an Oregon dealership, however, the dealer may forward your registration paperwork to the DMV for an added fee.

When registering your motor vehicle with the Oregon DMV, submit the following documents along with your application for new registration and titling credentials:

  • The vehicle’s original certificate of title
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (if applicable)
  • A bill of sale (if applicable)
  • An odometer disclosure statement