How to Apply for a Car Registration in Maine

You must obtain Maine vehicle registration credentials whenever you purchase, acquire or inherit an automobile from a private seller or licensed dealership. You must also meet other requirements, such as visiting your local town office to pay excise tax on the purchase of the motor vehicle.  

While the specific DMV registration application process varies depending on how you acquire the vehicle and the municipality in which you live, you will typically need to submit your application materials in person. 

To learn more about these requirements and the steps you must take to register your newly acquired automobile with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), review the information below. 

How to Get Vehicle Registration Records in Maine

“Where can I apply for car registration near me?” you may wonder. 

In most cases, the steps you must complete  will depend on whether you purchased the car from a licensed dealership or private party. Learn more about these two types of situations in the sections below. 

If You Purchased the Car from a Dealership

To obtain ME DMV car registration credentials, you must visit your local municipal office to pay excise tax on the automobile. 

Then, you can register your newly purchased vehicle at the municipal office during the same visit.

You may also have the option of visiting your local BMV branch if the municipality in which you live does not participate in the state’s registration program.