How to Apply for Car Registration in Kentucky

Obtaining a new Kentucky vehicle registration is one of the first steps you must take after purchasing, acquiring or inheriting a new or used automobile. To obtain DMV registration credentials after purchasing a vehicle, however, you must first apply for a new certificate of title through the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Alternatively, you may simultaneously title and register your newly acquired vehicle at your local county clerk’s office. 

When titling your vehicle in Kentucky, you must submit several documents to prove your identity, residency and insurance policy. After registering your vehicle, you must perform registration renewals for your vehicle every year. 

To learn more about the Kentucky DMV car registration process and the steps you must take to register your vehicle in Kentucky, review the information below. 

How to Get Kentucky Vehicle Registration Records

When obtaining new car registration credentials for your motor vehicle, you can simultaneously title and register the automobile with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet or choose to complete these two transactions separately.