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The Best Car Modifications for 2019

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Our free guide will help you understand the steps you have to take and the process for renewing your registration.

The Best Car Modifications for 2019

If you are looking to spruce up your car’s look, there are simple and affordable options out there. Car mods change a vehicle’s looks, but the best car modifications often also change the way a car performs.

Personalized plates, car wraps and polished wheels are popular aesthetic changes that enhance the vehicle’s appearance. They are also great attention-grabbers and add personality. As such, they are popular among business owners who often perform these modifications to advertise their companies. Racing enthusiasts opt for engine modifications, such as auto performance tuning and new car suspension.

Information You Can Find in Our Guide:

Our free guide will help you understand the steps you have to take and the process for renewing your registration.

After you have read through these popular car mods, however, it is important to run a quick search for “legal car mods near me since not all the car modifications on this list may be legal in your area. Each state has its own regulations regarding what changes you can make to your vehicle.

In fact, many mods are banned in several or all U.S. states. This includes windscreen tinting, studded tires, radar detectors and light rigs. With this in mind, be sure to review your state’s laws regarding modification practices. For more information on the best car mods, review the sections below.

What car modifications affect insurance?

In most states, you are required to have car insurance to operate a vehicle. When you make modifications to your car’s look or performance, it may affect how much you pay for insurance. Certain safety modifications, like alarm systems, can actually lower your insurance. However, many other optional upgrades or modifications will raise your premiums.

Insurance companies believe that modifications, such as getting a new car suspension or paint job, may increase the risk of accidents and theft for drivers. As such, they may increase your insurance rate to compensate for the higher risk. With this in mind, consider the financial impact of a car modification before you start asking, “How much does it cost to supercharge a car?”

Functional changes to a car tend to have the lowest impact on insurance rates. As such, some of the best custom cars feature functional modifications rather than aesthetic ones.

These types of car mods include:

  • Driver aids, such as satellite navigation systems and parking sensors.
  • Car climate systems, such as upgraded air conditioning and sunroofs.
  • Towing and storage, such as a tow bar or roof rack.

However, keep in mind that not all functional changes are cheap when it comes to insurance. For example, while many accessibility changes are functional, they can cause a 50 percent increase in premiums. These changes include hand controls and wheelchair clamps.

The most expensive mods on the car insurance modifications list are the ones for the car’s engine and mechanics. These updates can double your monthly insurance payments.

Other expensive car modifications include:

  • Turbo, supercharger and other auto performance tuning
  • Bonet bulges and flared wings.
  • Spoilers and skirts.
  • Uprated brakes.

Best Car Modifications for a Car’s Appearance

Although many of the best auto modifications relate to the way a car works, the most popular mods relate to the way a car looks. Check out some of the most popular modifications for a car’s appearance below.

Custom Wrap

Cool modified cars often have custom wraps that look like racing stripes or other enhancements. Wraps are vinyl decals that are placed on a vehicle to improve its appearance. The main benefit of wrapping a car instead of repainting it is the flexibility of the mod. Drivers can eventually remove wraps from their cars without damaging the original paint job.

There are also several types of designs for car wraps, including glossy, gradient, matte and chrome. Vehicle owners who want to advertise on their cars may even request custom car wrap designs.

In terms of pricing, car wrapping is one of the more expensive aesthetic modifications you can opt for. A matte finish can cost around $3,000 or $4,000. However, it is important to note that car modification shops consider several factors when determining price, including:

  • Car make – The more expensive the car, the higher the cost for an auto w
  • Finish – Chrome finishes typically cost more than matte finishes. They also require more precision during installation.
  • Size of the vehicle – The bigger the vehicle, the more materials you will need to cover the surface area.

Custom Paint

A cheaper alternative to a car wrap is a paint job. It still improves a vehicle’s appearance at a more affordable price. Modified cars must have the old paint removed and any damage fixed before the new paint can be added.

With old paint, there may be fading and oxidation, which can affect the application of the new paint. The cost of a paint job can cost anywhere between $300 and $7,500 on average. The price will depend on the paint quality, the prep work and the extent of the job.

Personalized Plates

One change you will not find on an average car insurance modifications list is a custom license plate. While it is not a drastic car modification, having personalized plates is a small change you can make that will add style and personality to your car.

These plates have no impact on your car insurance rate but do cost more than standard ones. Furthermore, this “modification” does not require research on car modification shops near you. Most state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs) offer this service.

Note: Drivers who want modified cars may need to visit specialized car modification shops that specialize in this type of work. Regular auto mechanics typically only focus on car repairs and may not be equipped to perform them.

Best Car Modifications for a Car’s Performance

Car enthusiasts often wonder, “What are the best cars to modify for street racing?” It is important to note that, in this case, the type of modification you make is more important than the car itself. There are countless cheap cars to modify that can produce impressive results in terms of performance.

While there are popular choices out there, they are often very expensive. Therefore, instead of looking at the best cars to modify, drivers should focus more on the results they want and assess which modification will provide that.

The best car modifications to improve a car’s performance include:

  • Throttle response.
  • Performance brakes.
  • Air intake system.
  • Engine control unit reprogramming.
  • Exhaust upgrade.

Another modification you can make involves your car’s suspension. If you have a sedan or coupe and want to improve your car’s handling when driving, getting a lower suspension may be the answer.

On the other end, truck owners typically want to lift the suspension. However, before you look for an air suspension shop near you, be sure to check your state’s laws, as some have limits on how low it can be.

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